Conditions of Entry

Entry to the event is governed by the following conditions. Use of any ticket, pass, document or other specific authorisation provided by the ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND is subject to these Conditions of Entry. Attendees who contravene the Conditions of Entry may be asked to leave the event.

  1. Attendees are advised that many of the items on display are not recommended for children under the age of 5. A responsible adult must supervise all children under the age of 5 at all times while attending the ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND.
  2. All attendees under the age of 12 must have a responsible adult supervising them at the ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND.
  3. Attendees shall obey the direction of ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND staff and representatives at all times.
  4. Some of the ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND activities are physical in nature. Attendees either viewing or involved in these activities do so at their own risk. If engaged in these activities attendees must utilise all safety equipment that is available. Attendees must conduct themselves in a manner that supports the safety of themselves and other ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND attendees.
  5. Attendees shall neither use or be in possession of alcohol or illicit drugs.
  6. At any stage, ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND may refuse entry to the venue or direct an attendee to leave the venue.
  7. Attendees may not bring animals into the ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND, with the exception of animals required to support management of a disability.
  8. All efforts are made to ensure exhibitors and setup are as advertised; however, ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND reserve the right to change this as required.
  9. Participants may take photographs, videos or sound recordings for personal use only. Any use, reuse, or production for commercial purposes requires ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND written permission.
  10. To maintain privacy, attendees may not use any form of recording in change rooms or toilets.
  11. As this is a public event, ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND may take your image at any time for security purposes or for use in marketing materials.
  12. Attendees may not bring marketing materials for distribution without permission of ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND.
  13. Attendees must vacate the hall by 1615 hours each evening.
  14. Attendees may not conduct public surveys, opinion polls, solicit money, donations or subscriptions from other attendees without prior written permission from ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND.
  15. Attendees may only smoke in designated areas.
  16. Attendees are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal property for the duration of the ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND.
  17. Agreement from ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND is required for refunds, changes or exchanges on any ticket including complimentary tickets.
  18. ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND reserves the right to inspect attendee bags and property while the attendee is entering, exiting or within the venue.
  19. Any refunds will be processed less booking and financial fees.