2016 Area Maps

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Budawang Pavilion

View Budawang Pavilion Exhibitors

  • ACT Pinball Championship - Presented by Vice City Players (B15)
  • Aussie Boat Sales (B31)
  • BBT Info & Merchandise (B24)
  • BDL Car Stereo (B12)
  • Beer Day Out (B5)
  • Blackbird Motorcycle Wear (B37)
  • Camping World (B11)
  • Canberra Café Racers (B8)
  • Capital Pinball (B7, B35)
  • Crowley's Hot Sauce (B18)
  • Cutting Edge Knives (B42)
  • Drift School Australia (B32)
  • DrifTech (B17)
  • Flight Simulator - Recreational Aviation Australia (B2)
  • Gliding simulator - Gliding Federation of Australia (B44)
  • Hunters Home Online (B39)
  • International Paintball Group (B41)
  • Littl' Juey (B34)
  • Looking For Gamers Retail - board and card games (B22)
  • Loweflight (B4)
  • Menslink Canberra (B25)
  • Moto Central (B6)
  • National Caravan Storage (B33)
  • Oxygen Essentials Nutrition & Crisos - Samples available(B36)
  • Pinball Arcade & Arcade Games - Presented by Vice City Players (B16, B43)
  • Power Kart Raceway - Thor's Hammer Competition (B14)
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness (B38)
  • RacecenterVR - Virtual rally car experience on the HTC Vive (B9)
  • Rally Land - Rally car display (B10)
  • Recreational Aviation Australia - Flight simulator & display aircraft (B1-B3)
  • Salami Shack - Samples available (B21)
  • Shannons Insurance (B13)
  • Sorcha Design Jewellery (B26)
  • Stockman Sticks Beef Jerky - Samples available (B23)
  • Tortured Gum Brewery - Samples available (B20)
  • Total Action Sports (B40)
  • Wavez (B30)
  • Wine Selectors (B27)
  • Wizard Paint Repair (B28)
  • Wollongong City Jetski (B29)
  • Your Inspiration at Home - Samples available (B19)
Budawang Pavilion

Sport & Fitness Pavilion (Coorong)

View Sport & Fitness Pavilion Exhibitors

  • Canberra Archery Club Demonstrations (Sunday only) (C10)
  • Demonstration Area - Local martial arts & fencing groups (C2, C6)
  • EPIC Café & Bar Area, including Rio Olympics broadcast (C1)
  • GymQuip Big Boys & Strong Women Hero Challenge (Saturday only) (C8)
  • NERF Arena (C7)
  • Next Step Basketball (C5)
  • Sumo Wrestler Challenge (Sunday only) (C9)
  • Turnbull Martial Arts Academy (C3)
  • Zanshin Martial Arts (C4)
Coorong Pavilion Map

Budawang & Coorong Forecourts and Flemington Park

View Forecourt & Flemington Park Exhibitors

  • ATM (BF12)
  • Aussie Boat Sales (BF3)
  • Australia Wide Annexes (BF6)
  • Bayldon Ag (BF1)
  • Canberra Marine Centre (BF10)
  • Dave's Brewery & That Beer Guy (BF8)
  • Demo Area (BF11)
  • Jeep City &4WDrive Training Solutions (BF2)
  • Motorcycle Club Display: Vintage Japanese Motocycle Club(as marked)
  • Naturally Ingrained Designs (BF4)
  • Scissor Tool Box (BF7)
  • Ultimate Tunes (BF9)
  • Wollongong City Jetski (BF5)
  • ACT Rural Fire Service (CF1)
  • ACT State Emergency Service (CF1)
  • Car Club Display: Ultimate Sprint Cars (CF4)
  • Exclusive Collectables (CF6)
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service (CF2)
  • Snowy Hydro Southcare - Helicopter rides (CF3)
  • Tonka Inflatable Truck - Kids' Scavenger Hunt (CF5)
  • ACT Speedway Display - Wattle Square
Forecourt Map

Technology & Remote Control (Fitzroy Pavilion)

View Technology & Remote Control Exhibitors

  • Abundant Water (F17)
  • Aus Electronics Direct (F12)
  • Beyond Line of Sight (F10)
  • Blackbox Gaming Systems (F8)
  • Drone Demonstrations (F7)
  • EPIC After-Hours Bar & Light Snacks. Evening only - for National Robowars Championships (F1)
  • Indi Games (F13-F15)
  • Malak-e (F11)
  • RC Crew (F9)
  • RC Tanks and Semitrailers: Panzergruppe South & Little Big Rigs (F5)
  • Robowars: Daytime Sessions - read more(F3)
  • Robowars: National Robowars Championships - read more(F3)
  • Robowars Pits (F2)
  • Solar Hub (F16)
  • VidiAir - Hang gliding simulator & Real Time 3D (F4)
Technology and Remote Control Pavilion Map

Quokka Pavilion & Wagtail Way

View Quokka Pavilion & Wagtail Way Exhibitors

  • Chubb Corp (Q1)
  • Car Club Display: Armstrong Siddeley Car Club (Q2)
  • Race Your Mates Khanacross Course - read more (Wagtail Way)
Quokka Pavilion and Wagtail Way Map

Magpie & Poplar Parks

View Magpie & Poplar Parks Exhibitors

  • Canberra Archery Club Demos (Saturday only) (M4)
  • Car Club Displays - including Club VF Australia, Corvettes of Canberra, Falcon GT Club, Ford Performance Club of ACT (Sun only), MG Car Club, Small Ford Club, Southern Districts Motorsport Association. (as marked)
  • Enclosed Bar Area featuring Bentspoke Brewing Co. (M1)
  • Food Court - including Smoking Gun BBQ, Scott's Food Van, Pizza2U, and Relen's Donuts (M2)
  • Slingshot Ride - Durkin Amusements (M5)
  • Strongman Spectacular - a two-day professional competition by PTC Macarthur (M3)
  • V8 Simulator - Durkin Amusements (M6)
Magpie and Poplar Parks Map